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Welcome to Aroma-licious

Homemade candles made with soya wax which burns slower than paraffin wax, meaning you get a candle that lasts longer. While all candles emit some black soot while burning, candles made from soy wax burns cleaner and results in less soot.
Candles made from Beeswax have the lowest toxicity for candle materials, releasing no toxic byproducts or heavy soot into the air.  Beeswax candles release negative ions when burned, eliminating dust, mold, and unpleasant odors. This is particularly helpful for those with allergies, asthma, and hay fever.  Its mildly sweet honey scent complements any fragrance blended into it. 
Colours:   green, natural, red, light blue, violet,


Fragrances:  lavender, bergamot, mimosa, natural,  J-choo,  relaxing embrace, festive fir, white musk, sandalwood.


Available sizes are  20cl glass jars,  30cl glass jars (jars are decorated with designs of hearts, butterflies, stars, xmas) ,  small pillars,  votives


Gift bags of Organza, gusseted organza bags,  tote, mini jute bags and mini jute bags with windows for that extra special touch


Made to order for your requirements
P&P available and Free local delivery within a 5 mile radius


To find out more details please contact Sam on 07828394716


Please bring exact cash, bank transfer and card payments are welcome too.   There is sanitizer for you to use on entry of the beauty cabin.
  Thankyou for adhering to my guidelines to enable me to provide a safe and hygienic environment. Please keep safe.