Keep the positive vibes going




I have been very busy in the last few weeks decorating, enjoying the countryside, getting out for more exercise and spending time with my kids as well as gaining more knowledge and studying hard. End of June sees me sitting a big exam in ONCOLOGY and I am so looking forward to helping my cancer clients maintain a relaxing life.  Watch this space.


In the meantime why not buy a GIFT VOUCHER for that special person or even for yourself in preparation for the Beauty cabin opening.


 Learn a new skill to help you relax & de-stress by buying a gift voucher for a massage lesson. Singles or couples VOUCHERS available. 


I am currently closed due to the coronavirus and will hopefully be up and running soon. In the meantime keep safe and smile, think positive and be careful.   I will upload some photos of the treatments I do to help you decide which mind and body wellness is for you when we are all back on track. Thankyou everyone for your kindness and thoughtfulness throughout this time.  I wish you all well and thinking of you all.  Sam.Foulkes