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Do you want to know more about massage and how it benefits the body mind and soul?
No need to be a Therapist, anyone can learn and benefit
Do you know somebody that would benefit from a massage knowing the correct way to do it and helping them with pain relief ?
Courses are acrediated as well as certificate of attendance for those who are not a therapist but want to help others.
Muscles stimulated in the right way respond more and therefore function better so massage is best done knowing the muscles and different techniques



LEARN HOW TO DO;                 Massage,  —–Face, Back, Legs, Arms and Full Body

                                                           Deep Tissue Massage

                                                           Indian Head massage


                                                            Manicure and Pedicures

                                                            Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting


                                                            Thermo auricular Therapy                                     

                                                            Thai Foot & Hand Massage