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        COMING SOON IN 2018

Do you want to know more about massage and how it benefits the body mind and soul?  

     Do you want to learn about beauty treatments that you can do on yourself, someone else or qualify as a therapist ?

No need to be a Therapist, anyone can learn and benefit
Do you know somebody that would benefit from a massage knowing the correct way to do it and the effects of massage and helping them with pain relief ?
Courses are acrediated as well as certificate of attendance for those who are not a therapist but want to help others.
Muscles stimulated in the correct way respond more and therefore function better so massage is best done knowing the muscles, the direction of muscles and the different techniques

Once booked, you cannot cancel your place on the course. If you fail to attend a booked course you will not be entitled to a refund or offered an alternative course.



LEARN HOW TO DO;                 Massage,  —–Face, Back, Legs, Arms and Full Body

                                                           Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage Course Includes

Unlike classic massage therapy which is generally used for relaxation, this technique enables the therapist to focus on and treat specific problems. The general public is increasingly requesting deeper and more advanced techniques due to their effectiveness in treating a host of specific issues, the most prevalent being back and shoulder pain.


This Course Will Teach You How to Apply Deep Tissue and Advanced Massage Techniques

The course aims to help you develop advanced massage techniques which will enable you to be more confident and specific in your treatments. This gives the potential to expand your client base as you will be able to offer more than just a relaxing massage. You will be able to treat clients with muscular pain and tenderness and lack of flexibility with more confidence.



Participants will have a good understanding of:

What conditions, is deep tissue massage used for?


Learn how to improve your techniques


Careful examination of soft tissue to identify areas of possible damage is obviously very important for the therapist. Just prodding your finger into a tender spot does not give you much information, other than that it is probably tender! We’ll look at how to improve your palpation skills so that you may more easily identify changes in texture, tension or damage in soft tissue, therefore you will have a better idea of how to treat the area.

Trigger points

Trigger points are highly irritable and localised areas within muscle fibres. These areas can vary from the size of a pea, to a large lump. They are often tender and painful to touch and will frequently cause referred pain and discomfort. Trigger points are tender points in the muscle fascia; these can be difficult to locate. The rationale behind using trigger points therapy is that it creates localised ischemia (lack or reduction of oxygen to the muscle tissue) which starve the trigger point of oxygen and nutrients needed to sustain contraction.

Neuro-muscular techniques (NMT)

NMT can be employed to alleviate these areas and so reduce knots and adhesions. NMT is an extension of deep friction & pressure techniques; it is applied with thumbs, fingers, fists or elbows, and is a diagnostic palpatory tool designed to help assess and deal with chronic pain.

Hands Free Massage
Hands Free Massage techniques are a blend of eastern and western styles, ideal for all massage therapists and body-workers, whether recently qualified or experienced. This course will teach you correct body position and working posture helping to maximize the effectiveness of your massage whilst minimizing injuries. Sadly we often see therapists having to give up work due to burn out, poor posture, backache and repetitive strain injuries. As therapists, we need to look after ourselves as well as offering wonderful therapies to our clients; after all our bodies are our tools of the trade.

What do therapists who have trained in this course use it for?  Once you have attended my Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage Course, you will be able to use these techniques to adapt to your client’s individual needs therefore treating a variety of complaints. Many people suffer pain and discomfort resulting from bad posture, injuries like whiplash or too many hours driving or sitting at a desk. Therapists love this course as it offers the skills and techniques including postural observation and analysis and relevant aftercare advice to assist their clients with these neck, shoulder and back issues.

Deep Tissue Course Prerequisites …

Students must hold an Ofqual accredited Level 3 Diploma in Massage including Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology – or equivalent, or higher.

Without an accredited Diploma, you may be able to attend the course, but you will not receive an accredited certificate. This may affect your ability to obtain professional insurance.

Without an accredited Diploma you may not be able to join the FHT, CThA, IICT, or other professional body.

When applying, you must also supply me with copies of your existing accredited qualifications to receive the course certificate. 

What does accredited mean?

Accredited qualifications are those that are reviewed, recognised and monitored by regulatory bodies in order to make sure that they meet specific criteria and quality standards.

Current UK accrediting bodies are;

  1. Ofqual
  2. SQA
  3. CCEA
  4. VTCT

You can read more about accredited qualifications here;


                                                           Indian Head Massage Courses | Accredited Diploma Course

This one day professional massage course is designed for the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and the face whilst the client is lying down on the plynth. Indian head massage is a course at a very affordable price.

It is an extremely effective therapy that has evolved from traditional techniques practiced in India as part of family rituals for over a thousand years.

This one day accredited diploma course is open to complete beginners or existing therapists, no previous massage experience required to attend.

Accredited Certified & Insurable Course – Price £130.00

 One day insurable accredited course allowing you to use this therapy with the general public – maximum of 4 in a class, keeping it small ensuring individual attention.

Why is this Course so Popular?

The Benefits of a Thai Hand & Foot Massage?


Other Benefits Include

Gentle stretches and massage to the legs and arms have been added to this treatment, which your client will love, and add to the already tremendous benefits of this therapy.

This therapy lasts for  45 mins and the tutor will advise you about the cost to charge your clients and insurance cover on the day of training.

You Will Learn


                                                           Threading       DURATION

1 Day Intensive- Please note the number of hours required to complete this course are provided as a guideline only. The actual number will vary depending on the speed at which students learn and class size. Threading is a highly popular technique for hair removal as it doesn’t require application of any products to the skin. Mastering this ancient art can give you a quick and simple alternative method of eyebrow and facial hair removal.


No Experience or Previous Qualifications Necessary


  • Health & Safety knowledge to carry out the service confidently
  • Client Consultation
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Different Methods & Techniques
  • Practice and demonstrations of the threading technique  
  • Client consultation techniques and contraindications
Key Learnings

• Full understanding of the practical application and supporting theory surrounding threading
• The skills and knowledge required to complete this treatment confidently and safely                                                                                                              Hair Structure & Growth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Aftercare Advice


  • FREE Threading kit including everything you need to get started
  • Step-by-step training manual
  • No case studies required
  • Training equipment provided on the day
  • You will be able to carry out Threading after completing the course
  • Fully insurable certificate to obtain public liability insurance


                                                                                      Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting

                                                            Beauty Facial Course | Diploma Practitioner Certificate

Professional training course, you will learn how to cleanse the face, analysis of skin types, tone, exfoliation, hot compress, facial massage and mask application, this beauty facial course covers the professional facials performed in salons.

This accredited diploma course is open to complete beginners or existing therapists, no previous beauty or massage experience required to attend.
This is an insurable course allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for it.


Manicure and Pedicure | Accredited Diploma Course

A Professional Manicure and Pedicure Course will cover correct nail care of the hands and feet, including filing, shaping, cuticle work and relevant massage.

This is one course that covers both subjects, students will also learn how to polish the nail properly, contra indications and consultations.

Aftercare advice is covered on this pedicure course as well as recognising skin and nail diseases and disorders and infectious foot diseases.

On completion, you will also know how to polish the nail properly both with regular colours and in French varnish finish.


Hopi Ear Candling | Thermo Auricular Accredited Diploma Course

Professional one day training course for Hopi Ear Candling, a popular course for beginners and therapists offering many benefits. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and excellent to use with family and friends or for any therapist to train and add to their existing repertoire.

The skills you will learn on this Hopi Ear Candling course can be used to treat many conditions and include a soothing face and neck massage.

This one day accredited diploma course is open to complete beginners or existing therapists, no previous massage experience required to attend.
This is an insurable course allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for it.


                                                            Thai Hand & Foot Massage Course | Accredited Diploma

Professional one day training course is based on the Traditional Thai hand and foot massage using Thai sticks or thumbs and fingers to stimulate reflex points and includes a therapeutic massage to the legs, feet and hands. The Thai  hand and foot massage is a popular choice for therapists, reflexologists and complete beginners.

This traditional technique dates back over 2000 years and is still practiced by Buddhist monks today.

Elements of the course include working on ‘Sen’ lines from the Ayurvedic tradition, these reflex points are stimulated using the stick, the course also includes foot wrapping techniques.

This course has taken over from reflexology as it is kinder to the therapist as you can avoid RSI in the joints by using a stick within your treatment and also achieving similar results



This course is essential for beginners and those wishing to refresh their knowledge or improve proficiency. The emphasis is placed on acquiring practical competence in warm waxing techniques combined with the essential theoretical knowledge.

Course Requirements
Students are required to work on each other (if you are the only student booked on the course you will need to bring a model)
Students must be at least 18 years of age
Students should grow their body hair for practice during the course (minimum of 3-5mm for underarm waxing) and are advised to avoid all heat treatments 24hrs prior
Top Features
• Review of the professional waxing procedure for full legs,underarm, bikini, upper lip and eyebrows
• History and benefits of waxing
• Hair growth cycle and skin structure
Key Learnings
• Full understanding of the Just Wax brand and its products for warm waxing
• The skills and knowledge required to successfully perform a warm waxing treatment using the strip and spatula waxing method
• Health and safety knowledge specific to waxing, aftercare advice for the client and troubleshooting