Client has had problems since starting periods but nothing was ever picked up until last year when pain was so severe it meddled with work and life. Client is now 31 years old and has 2 children.

SESSION 1– felt good afterwards. Felt a little fuzzy in stomach, fell into a state of sleepiness but not deep- (sleeping has been erratic for months). Twinges felt in body most of the time.     Felt no soreness in the left ovary area (a common sore place) while I was working on her. Came in Beauty Cabin with soreness, left with very little soreness.

SESSION 2- Not had any pain relief for 3 weeks now since a reiki session before the case study of hand reflexology.  Very calm and sleepy. Saw a few colours (yellow/green & rich purple) while I was working on her hands. Stomach feeling fuzzy and making noises. No twinges in the body this time.

SESSION 3 –  Felt discomfort in her ovaries again. Same colours seen as last time. Stays relaxed, calm and mellow for a few days after treatment. Has been able to walk more in past few days. Feeling a little sore in the stomach but discomfort she can now handle. Still no pain killers needed.

SESSION 4–  On the pill by Doctors request for the Endometriosis, so periods stopped. Cramp last week sore but managed through it still without pain killers. Not sleeping very well -needs a nap through the day. Bed 10pm but lies awake with discomfort till 2am then up at 6am. Still managing with pain. This was a 2 week gap previously it was a treatment every week. Right side (the uncomfortable side) ovary pulsating when I worked lymph nodes and ovaries. Hands felt as though they were stiffening up.

Client came in for another hand reflexology a week later as was having a flare up. Very aware of discomfort when I was around the Thyroid and Parathyroid areas.  Left side cysts larger and more painful than right. Client felt pain low in abdomen when I worked on Fallopian tube, Ovaries and Lymph nodes of the groin. She felt pulsating in her head when I worked on Head/Brain area but has had a headache for 2 weeks now (another common affect of Endometriosis).  June the 3-7th was the last time a flare up occurred making that 6 weeks – a reasonable gap for pain and discomfort being minimal. Good results with Hand Reflexology and with the Reiki that it is a good treatment to help cope with this awful condition. 

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