Depression/ Anxiety

Case Study for Anxiety , Depression and ASD


Session 1   The  young female client was fairly relaxed during and after treatment after an initial of 5 minutes to switch off mind. Has never had reflexology or any holistic treatment before. She saw a butterfly and colours of  blue, yellow,green, pink and orange. When working on Left hand, felt tingling in both legs. Advised to listen to slow music to help detract the mind from over thinking. A bit of advice also giving on ways to relax and meditate.
I worked on the brain & central nervous system, kidneys, adrenals,liver, solar plexus, diaphragm and a few other points
Session 2  Client found it hard to switch off doesn’t normally relax as feels always on edge. Worrying about her family.Legs were tingling in general when I started the treatment. No colours seen this time.  Client is normally quiet and only gives little feedback. Client given a few tip to help with anxiety;
  • hold thumb in other hand firmly to relieve worry
  • index finger for fear hold
  • middle finger for anger hold
  • ring finger for sadness
  • little finger for if you have been trying too hard
Session 3  Client feels relaxed, felt tingling in legs and hands, no specific region worked on to receive the tingling. Colours of orange and yellow were seen.
CLIENT FEEDBACK- Felt it was relaxing to a point and helpful a lot. Would continue with reflexology as she did enjoy the sessions. By the end of the 3rd session she felt much better as didn’t worry too much about her 5 month daughter. She has started to listen to music at bad times and feels so much better from doing so. Started to take time for herself and think more positively.
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