Cosmeceutical Facial


Janssen Cosmetics is a Cosmeceutical care system based on multiple, highly-effective active substances and tailored to specific skin type. Therefore achieving both visible and measurable results. Cosmeceuticals do not act exclusively on the surface of the skin but achieve an effect deep down in the skin.

Janssen Cosmetics Secrets Facial -60 mins         £45

Do you feel tired and stressed and this is reflected in your skin? We can help by rejuvenating, revitalising, hydrating your skin no matter what your skin type or age using rich cream or gel masks, complex’s and facial exfoliants

Janssen Cosmetics Phytogen Facial – 60 mins     £55

For clearer, smoother, more supple and lifted skin with refined pores, the application of a customised firm setting Phytogen Mask, active ampoule concentrate and enzymatic deep peeling is perfect.

Janssen Cosmetics Collagen Facial – 60 mins      £65

For long lasting hydration, anti-aging, hypersensitivity and visible reduction of small lines together. Enzymatic or gentle acid peeling, followed by concentrated ampoule and serum. Application of a Collagen Fleece, without perfume oils or preservative.

Ampoule Concentrates    £5

Used to enhance and boost the skin, each ampoule is a remarkable moisturizer and moisture binder containing long chain hyaluronic acid  plus additional benefits of special added ingredients to boost metabolic stimulation within the skin cells.

Invigorating Mask   £10

Extraordinary gel pre mask producing visibly reddened skin, removing toxins and deeply stimulates metabolism.

Firming Neck/ Upper Chest Decollete Treatment    £20

Neck and upper chest firming treatment for prematurely aged or sun damaged skin that has lost elasticity and hydration


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