Ashiatsu uses gravitational force to apply deeper pressure to relax muscle tension without the bruising or soreness of traditional deep tissue massage. Great for postural alignment, increase in range of motion and athletic performance. Helps loosen adhered tissue. A treatment that has wowed many people in its performance of releasing toxins & tension in the body.

                    So, Why Ashi?  Because it’s the best massage you’ll ever receive! 

              Why is a deep pressure massage therapeutic?

Everything inside of your skin is encapsulated with what is known as fascia.  Fascia is connective tissue that keeps everything (muscles, organs, bones etc) where it is supposed to be.  

When you have an injury or a repetitive motion injury (like poor posture), your muscles and the connective tissue around the injured area can be affected. Injured facia can create adhesions or knots that lead to pain and sometimes limited range of motion.  

Deep pressure massage can break up those adhesions and create more space for the fascia to heal.  

People with back pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and rheumatoid arthritis can benefit. It can also improve sleep, increase circulation, boost immunity, raise levels of serotonin (a feel-good neurotransmitter) and decrease levels of cortisol (a stress hormone).

Gravity can be your friend. Because I work with your tissues above your body, gravity helps me sink deeper into your muscles. Moreover, I believe the true key to a deeply relaxing massage (by hands or feet!) is flow and transitions. Using my feet, I can move more effortlessly without having to adjust the rest of my body delivering a smooth, relaxing massage.  

 The continuous deep tissue pressure I am able to deliver with my feet covers much larger areas at once than my hands. The foot is broad and makes the compression smooth and sumptuous not bony or prodding like using an elbow, thumb or massage tool. 

 Clients feel like they got a 2 hour deep tissue massage in about 40 minutes. They get relief from chronic inflammation faster than that of a normal massage.  With regular massage the No.1 complaint is that the Therapist didn’t go deep enough, but because I am standing straight up and using gravitational force it makes it a tremendous difference.

The results of those suffering from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain have amazing testimonials. My clients show dramatic results with better posture and overall well being.


30 mins ………………………….£35.00

45 mins…………………………..£46.00

60 mins…………………………..£56.00

75 mins…………………………..£67.00

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