My Specialty

Personalized Massage & Bodywork that Evolve your Mind,Body & Spirit

 Massage is a natural therapy, where the cells of the body get a good supply of blood needed for their growth, repair and nutrition, also massage helps to eliminate the waste materials that arise from the production of energy and debris from any tissue damage or inflammation.   

I specialize in massage as it has wonderful healing properties as well as natural pain relief.      


I cater for the individual and will assess each person to determine the massage needed to try to rectify the problem.  So each massage is different for each individual- that is the difference between myself and other therapists- The individual is important to me and each treatment will be catered to their needs. So whether it a pain from being out in the garden weeding, ME, Sciatica, Anxiety,Posture problems or Stress and Tension I will adapt my pressure and techniques to the muscles to help relieve stress within them. Whether it be a 30 minute massage or a 60 minute massage your muscles will receive beneficial massage techniques to relieve the tension.