Q. how long does hair need to be for waxing ?
A.  hair needs to be about 1 cm long

Q.   how long will my eyebrow shape last for?
A.   about 3-4 weeks for waxing, 2-4 weeks for threading, depending on your hair growth or some medication


Q.   I have ingrowing hairs what can I do?
A. Exfoliation and moisturizing between treatments helps reduce ingrowing hairs. I sell ‘ smooth it’  spray after wax home care product to reduce ingrown hairs which you can use daily .  It’s brilliant !!


Q.  do you cater for men and what treatments ?
A.  yes I cater for men. Facials, massage,waxing, reiki and lots more can all be done on men too. It’s all about looking after the inner as well as outer being.


Q.   are you fully qualified and fully insured?
A.   I am fully qualified with City & Guilds Beauty Therapy and Electrolysis.  Balens is my Beauty Insurers


Q.  how can I book an appointment with SB Therapy ?
A.  phone Sam on Mob: 07828394716, Email: simplyb1995@yahoo.com,   through website or facebook

Q.  why do I need a patch test before I have a tint?
A.   to ensure your skin won’t suffer from a reaction after tint application. Even if you have had a test in the past there may still be a chance of a reaction because skin’s sensitivity changes. Its best to have a test 24 hrs before treatment.

Q. can I have a massage when pregnant?
A.  yes, I use only pure sweet almond oil  and depending on what trimester your are in we carry out the massage with you on your side or leaning on a chair, whichever is the most comfy for you.

Q. why do my muscles hurt sometimes after a deep tissue massage but not the Ashiatsu Massage?
A. this is completely normal and nothing to worry about, the reason you may feel tender or even slightly bruised is due to lactic acid being flushed out of the connective tissue. It should completely disappear in 36 hours. Ashiatsu is deep but slower and more relaxing.