Case Study with REIKI – Endometriosis 25/05/2019

Endometriosis- Areas of tissue in the lining of the womb are found in places outside the womb.  This ‘rogue’ tissue is stimulated by the body’s hormones and the immune system responds by producing inflammation & swelling, which can cause severe pain, scarring & adhesions.

Physical issues in the Sacral Chakra include fertility and other reproductive organ problems, menstruation difficulties, kidney & bladder problems as well as auto-immune disorders. Mental issues related to a blocked Sacral Chakra include anxiety, stress, depression, self punishing thoughts, over eating, addiction…..

Session 1     Client has had Endometriosis for years since she was 20 years although at the age of 12/13 experienced problems with menstruation but nothing was picked up by doctors after years of misdiagnosing. Years of severe pain, nausea, sickness, fatigue and days in bed or in hospital medicated until the next injection starts to work in a months time ( these were 3 monthly injections to induce a temporary menopause and allow body to repair itself along side a daily hormone replacing therapy tablet to counteract menopausal symptoms).

  • Relaxed early on into session,
  • Lots of sensations at beginning of treatment mainly the power of heat throughout body
  • Spasms in the body at end of treatment
  • I felt lots of tingling in my arms and heat throughout treatment
  • Carnelian, amber, citrine, moonstone crystals used
  • Client having an ok day but previously has been bed ridden

Session 2  

  • Body was relaxed but mind overturning too much
  • Initially felt breathing slowing down
  • Not as much heat throughout body as last treatment
  • Treatment shortened as blood sugars were a little on high side but controlled with her tablet. Client felt ok
  • No crystals used

Had a gap of 2 weeks inbetween session 2 & 3, instead of weekly. Due to client in excruciating pain. Needs to be weekly between sessions. Client unable to get out of bed as in too much pain, painkillers taken, but just easing it off and not taking away pain. Not eating much either. Client feels very down.

Session 3    

  • Mind thinking a lot and wouldn’t switch off. Feels very exhausted
  • When I was at Sacral chakra intense heat all over body
  • For a very short time 30-90 seconds no pain felt- on arrival this was 8-9 (10 being horrendous) subsided throughout treatment, was able to get off plinth ok
  • Intense heat again in chest
  • Yawning a lot, felt she was in and out of sleepiness
  • Crystals used as in session 1
  • Slept on & off all day and that evening she felt pretty good
  • “ I seem to have a bounce back in my step” clients exact words
  • Feeling more positive in life

Session 4

  • Definitely relaxed quickly, mind eventually switched off
  • No intense heat felt this time
  • Yawning a lot
  • Not in as much pain
  • Same crystals used as before
  • Little heat over Sacral Chakra
  • I felt tingling in my hands most of the time

SUMMARY RESULT – Reiki has helped this client with physical and mental issues within a short period of time. She is feeling more positive and realises how much Reiki has helped her. Now a regular client. Reiki is performed to help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels of the body- physical, mental and emotional. The spiritual healing art of Reiki works by channelling a powerful flow of positive energy into your body replacing the negative energy, lessening the impact of stress and releasing tension.


According to studies, reflexology is effective in combating this kind of disease too.

Reflexology is undeniably effective in treating endometriosis. This touch therapy does not just focus on eliminating the individual symptoms of the condition. More importantly, it helps in addressing the root cause of the problem.

Reflexology is actually beneficial in restoring balance in the central nervous system of the body which improves the functions of the organs. The restoration of balance and harmony is beneficial in stimulating the body’s natural healing ability. The stimulation of the reflex points on the hands and feet provides a deep sense of relaxing and calming effects as well as restore the balance of hormones and eliminate stress.

By stimulating the body’s lymphatic system, the production of endorphins is enhanced. Endorphins are hormones act as the body’s natural pain killers.The stimulation of reflex points can significantly improve the physiological processes that are taking place inside the body including general detoxification and circulation of fluids.

It also helps in relieving congestion, rebalancing the organs and promotes neurological stimulation that activates the body’s natural healing process.Reflexology improves the well being of women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis by relieving their stress, balancing their hormones, improving their sleep quality, enhancing their digestion and increasing their fertility.



After years of throwing my body up racetracks and enjoying many a crunching challenge in football I decided my body deserved a treat! Booked in for an Ashiatsu massage with Sam at SB Therapy. Had no real idea what this was but wow! Shoulders have not felt this good in years and although a little painful at times the relaxing music and setting made it easy to ignore this and I found the whole experience very relaxing not just during my session but for the rest of the day. Looking forward to my next session.   Colin Murray    18/04/18       


Through in St Andrew’s for a few days & desperately needed a massage…I found @sbtherapystandrews online & today Sam gave me the Ashiatsu baresole deep tissue massage. OMG, it was amazing. I’ve had A LOT of massages and this was ridiculously good! I’ll be back!   Vicky Lee-Middleton   13/04/18


Having had a great experience with the Ashiatsu massage, I went back toSB Therapy wanting to try something different. I always wondered about hot stone therapy and its effectiveness. As a practical man and a true skeptic of holistic healing, I trusted Sam’s recommendation of the Deluxe Hot Stone Facial. And I was not disappointed.    Priced at £40 for 60 minutes, it was quite the deal! While I cannot comment much on the exact details of the products used, I can say that the aromatherapy oils were quite relaxing, this coupled with the use of volcanic stones to massage my upper back and chest made for quite the treatment. In all, the full remedy entailed a cleanse, tone, and exfoliation along with a hot compress for relaxation and to open my pores. It ended with the massage and a moisturizing mask. I highly recommend this treatment, and of course, SB Therapy.    Branden 17/01/18


I am currently under medical investigation for sleep problems and often fatigued at different times of the day and can experience difficulties in getting up and organised in the mornings. I have now had several Reiki sessions and I have found them to be incredibly relaxing. For a few days after each session, the episodes of extreme fatigue occur less frequently and my energy levels have been higher and more consistent. I am left feeling relaxed and recharged. Thankyou Sam.    Dave Chambers  22/12/2017                                                               


After having massages from Sam before, she then coaxed me to have an Ashiatsu Baresole massage, my world turned around, it was amazing. The depth of the massage really de-toxifies the body, its relaxing but at the same time very deep to relax muscles and take tension out. I have had massages from around the world including Thai before but this really was the best massage I have had. 90 minutes of a thorough massage I was energised . Thankyou very much Sam, you are so knowledgeable in your career.                  Mark    29/9/2017


I’d never heard of Ashiatsu massage before I met Sam, but I’ve had various deep tissue massages before to help with various back problems. I’m now totally converted Ashiatsu is more powerful and can really bring more relief, particularly to the bigger areas such as the lower back. At the same time it’s also more relaxing. More important than the massage technique is the person doing it. Sam was great, friendly and welcoming as well as knowledgeable and taking care in what she does. I’ll definitely be going back next time I’m in the area.    Ian    31/7/2017


  I have no hesitation in recommending Sam and SB Therapy. I first went because of problems with my back and immediately felt the benefit of Sam’s experience and expertise and as well as feeling better, I also know that I am getting the right treatment for me. Sam loves what she does and that comes through every time you go there. She wants people to feel better after their treatment and I do. There is no one size fits all.        Isobel   – St.Andrews           26/04/2016

Whatever the treatment, you are in Sam’s wonderful hands – so go for it!     A.S.  –  St.Andrews  17/10/2016


It’s all about trusting a professional and having been to SB Therapy for over 12 years now with Sam I wouldn’t go anywhere else. A friendly relaxed atmosphere to the Salon makes it a wonderful place to go.       Ann     – Crail

Lovely massage Sam – now feeling totally relaxed and stress free. Thank you.  M. Weir – ST.Andrews

Had the Valentine special, I felt like a new woman after my massage and facial, and was offered extra advice on my neck/shoulder problems which have helped enormously. Thanks Sam.  –  Helen Hird


Just back from a glorious and relaxing massage, highly recommend SB Therapy – N.Wood


I had an excellent massage from Sam. Having played 7 rounds of golf in 5 days my back was stiff and aching, but Sam’s massage loosened everything up and was able to carry on playing for the rest of my trip to Scotland. Many thanks, I cannot recommend Sam enough. –  Cliff Weight


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