Reflexology Facial

                This Facial includes cleansing of the face and neck, exfoliation,a mask and an Essential Oil massage using gentle massage techniques for precise stimulation of reflex points, nerve points and zones on the face and scalp. Helping to open up the energy channels throughout the body.

This 60 minute Holistic facial encourages the individual’s natural healing process to help maintain the health and balance of the whole body.  Besides that, also, using the amazing Janssen Cosmetics  products it leaves your skin feeling vibrant, soft and rejuvenated.  Even more, most importantly a replenishment of the whole body in a Facial.

Imagine that deeply calming and satisfying feeling that you get in your body after an intense workout, where your mind and cells hum with contentment. Now transfer that feeling to your face! Certainly the first important benefit of Facial Reflexology is total relaxation. Facial reflexology can produce a natural Botox effect by relaxing facial muscles; it can tighten the skin by improving muscle tone; and it can give you a healthy radiant glow that makes you look as good as you feel, and feel as good as you look.

How does facial Reflexology work?

You may have heard of foot or hand Reflexology. Facial Reflexology similarly works on the same principles.This non-invasive treatment is based on the theory that areas on your face are connected to areas of your body, and stimulating them improves underlying energy imbalances which consequently promotes well-being. 

Facial Reflexology also aims to help reduce the symptoms and effects of many common ailments. These include stress, IBS, back pain, arthritis, depression, MS, menstrual and hormonal ailments,respiratory problems and sleep disorders and many more.

                                                     ONLY   £45.00


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